Hey, it’s me.
My name’s Leah. I’ll tell you my eye and hair colors when I know you better. For now I’ll share the names of some of my friends: Dictionarie and Thesaura. Call me a word nerd.

You might think it’s weird to have friends that are made of pages (some paper, some web) but mind you, we do really cool things together. And like true friends, they are there when I need help, offering nuanced suggestions and constructive advice.

You’re either scratching your head and wondering why I’m sharing details of my social life with a complete stranger (you!)...

Or you’re nodding in understanding, then shaking your head vigorously, then shouting “Forget about the words! This weirdo word-nerd-person dictionary friend is gonna do it for us!”

Because the words,
they make you nervous.

Your web-developing team of geeks and tech nerds are working on your coolest, fastest, most responsive site yet, but “the words are no good” says the client paying for your bread and butter.

You have a niggling feeling he knows what he’s talking about, because words never have been your strong point, but.

But. Since I have told you about those page-friends of mine, you know that how to get wonderful, winsome, wicked Words on that website. Words that do justice to your talents and sweat and, most importantly, that do what we want them to: talk, tell, tempt.

Websites and what else?
Oh, the things I can do
Let's do this!
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